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Articles on Sports Vision



An Exploratory Study of the Potential Effects of Vision Training on Concussion Incidence in Football


Hockey and Vision: Weight Training for the Eyes


 Sports Vision Training Takes Athletes to New Frontiers 


The batter's eye: Improving players' sight goal of trusted doctor 


Keep Your Eyes On The Puck: Hockey Goalies With The Quiet Eye Have A Better Chance Of Making Big Saves


 Vision in Sport: Improving Performance by Training the Eyes


Scientific American Frontiers : A Quiet Eye (with Alan Alda) 


Science Daily: There's More Than Meets The Eye To Catching A Fly Ball In The Outfield    


The NFL's Most Exciting Receiver     (Larry Fitzgerald did VT as a kid)


Friends and Associates - the site of Bill Daye, former player and head coach of the Boston Cannons Major League Lacrosse team, and under his direction the team won its first MLL Championship in 2011.  Bill runs cutting-edge camps for lacrosse players, with a particular emphasis on goaltending. - owned and operated by Rick Alford, one of the nicest people you could ever want to meet.  DE has classes for all ages in many different martial arts, with an emphasis on real world situations (Reality Martial Arts.)  If you've been hesitant to try martial arts, this is the place to go - the instructors are all dedicated to a supportive, family-friendly atmosphere. - the PAD is Premier Athletic Development, and it's the new home of our sports vision practice.  It's also the home of the Premier Athletic Assessment, which combines all of the providers in the building - Brian Daccord has been training goalies long enough to have worked with some of the best in the world, and the PAD came about through his vision and dedication.  He has a top-notch staff and a very professional approach to making goalies their best. - Unleashed Fitness ("UFit") is the strength and conditioning facility located at the PAD.  Kerry, Kelly, and Dan are great people, enthusiastic and passionate about what they do, and the facility offers one-on-one or many different kinds of classes. - Namaste Yoga, taught by Kim, is designed to maximize flexibility, strength, and body awareness as well as relieve stress and provide focus.  She has worked extensively with athletes to round out their capabilities in a wonderfully supportive envioronment - a physical therapy practice located in the PAD and under the direction of Mark Wright, who has extensive experience working with athletes recovering from injury or in need of rehabilitative therapy. - referred to as The Center for Cognitive Sports Performance with an office located in the Pad, CogSports can provide psychometric testing to identify areas of strength as well as areas in which an athlete can make improvement.  They also provide coaching to maximize the benefit of the testing. - under the direction of Steve Briere, CPGS provides instruction and camps that help goalies achieve their best, and prospect camps that give goalies the opportunity to further their careers.






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