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We are enthusiastic and passionate about what we do.  And we are pleased to present the testimonials of some of those that it has been our pleasure to work with.

"I think it has really helped me academically more than anything, especially with my reading. Unfortunately a few days prior to our first game I broke my hand and was out up until Christmas, so it has taken some time to get back into the swing of things. I think the training has helped me to do so with my better reaction time and vision on the ice."

Cam Clark, Connecticut College Ice Hockey



 "I was lucky enough to have the chance to work with 'Dr. B.' and Gary this summer on my sports vision training. I am an ice hockey goalie that is always looking for an opportunity to get the extra edge over the competition. I train all summer long on the ice and lifting weights to try to improve my game, but I never considered the possibility that sports vision training could actually improve my game before this summer.

    Both (of them) helped me improve my reaction time and peripheral vision while using their program. After the first few sessions I began to see my improvements in my vision training transfer to improvements on the ice. I began to move to a rebound quicker because I could find the puck faster with my eyes.

    The puck also began to slow down after it was shot and I found myself tracking pucks better. On backdoor passes I found myself seeing the shooter with my peripheral vision and then being able to react to the pass. I know that sports vision training has helped to improve my game." 

Ryan Dillon,  Div I Prep School Ice Hockey Goaltender


 As a baseball coach, professional instructor and player for well over thirty-five years, there are some programs that come along every now and then to improve the baseball skills one may already have.  Eye on Performance is one such program that stands out.  It is simply a unique program!

                While most players of any athletic sport wish to improve the necessary skills to become a better player, they do so with repetitive drills, lessons and playing time that focuses on the physical aspect of their sport.  However, Dr. B. and Gary have instituted a program that focuses on the visual aspect of any sport to coincide with those physical abilities an athlete already possesses and it will improve such physical abilities.

                Plain and simple, if you're a baseball player facing an imposing pitcher with various types of pitches, that baseball will now seem larger and slower in order you to become more successful when hitting the ball if you are lucky to have participated in this visual enhancement type of program.  For me and my son who plays baseball, the advantage is simple: “Eye on Performance.”

                I have noticed the difference already when it comes to hitting a ball, fielding a ball, and most importantly, seeing the ball.  As a parent, I have selfish goals in having my son participate in this program.  While most of us dream of seeing their kids play professional baseball, hockey, or whatever choice of your child’s sport, that simply is a long shot at best but not impossible.  My reasoning to help improve my son’s playing abilities via “Eye on Performance” is to hopefully help him achieve an education through his athletic skills that coincide with his good grades as a student.  Sports can only take someone so far, but a good education is priceless.

                Not only will your child’s confidence improve with their athletic endeavors because of “Eye on Performance” but that confidence carries over to all aspects of life including their education.  I hope your child can benefit from this program as mine already has.


John Moore - Baseball Instructor

The training I did with Eye on Performance enhanced my game extremely. The exercises and drills made tracking the puck to my body, and even away, as in the case of rebounds, much more efficient. I noticed almost instantaneous improvements, especially in my glove hand.


I completed the twelve sessions before my High School season began, and I could not be more grateful that I did. I went on to have the best season s have ever recorded, number-wise, and helped to bring my public school back to the playoffs and to the Super Eight tournament for the first time in years.


The vision training that I completed before the season as well as the daily eye workouts are no doubt a key factor of the year I had.


Sam Best, Woburn High School


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